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How to Run a Successful Instagram Ad campaign?

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Instagram advertising started in 2015 for all business and by 2017 it gained advertisers of 1 million. It is managed with the help of the Ads Manager of Facebook. This way, the advertisers are given various targeting options, and they can make an ad for both the social media channels at same time. If the focus is only on Instagram Ads, then the ads can be created which will be seen in the news feed and also the Story ads which come between the user stories when they are scrolling from story to story. Instagram users show high engagement, it is conducive for connecting to the target audience and establishing brand loyalty which further results in conversion rates. People discover new products and purchase from what they see on Instagram.

In order to launch an Instagram advertising campaign, all ad options and effectiveness must be taken into consideration. The tips for running successful Instagram Advertising campaign are mentioned below:

Knowing about the Audience: Instagram has majority of young users. If the target audience is the youngsters than running the ads on Instagram will be quite advantageous. The ads must be appealing and engaging so that the audience tends to watch and follow.

Appealing Visuals: When posting an ad on Instagram it must be made sure that it is of high quality and interesting for the users. There is huge content that is there to catch attention so in order to stand out or trying to be followed by the audience the brands need to use captivating visuals in their ads.

Short captions: Instagram involves visual advertising therefore if a marketer tries to put long captions or details in the ad or for the ad then the users might not be willing to go through all those details. The major focus must be on the visuals and the captions must be short as well as interesting and sweet.

Videos: On Instagram, videos are known to gather 38% higher engagement as compared to images.  Therefore, if Instagram Advertising must be done then the campaign must involve more videos. Great video ads will help in developing engagement.

Call to Action: Call to Action educates the audience about the next steps. It helps to tell them how they can proceed and the advantages of proceeding. For example, “Click Now and get 10% off on first purchase”, “Shop now”, “Start your free trial” and many more. By including a call to action in the ad, audience can be engaged, and it can result in higher conversion rates.

Instagram advertising

Instagram ad campaign can help in expanding the reach as well as opportunities for engagement. As a result of this the brand can get higher rate of conversion and higher return on its investment in the ad campaign. There are various options of ads on Instagram therefore it is important to assess which will be the best one for the brand by comparing the pros and cons of all and then choosing the one which could be the most helpful in optimizing the efforts.

Instagram ads can be created directly from ads manager in Facebook. The following steps are included in making Instagram ad: Choosing the objective of the ad, selecting name for the ad campaign on Instagram, choosing the placement of the ads, targeting audience, deciding about the budget as well as the schedule of ads, and choosing format of ad.

Instagram includes the following types of Advertising options: Paid influencers, Boosted posts, Newsfeed ads, and story ads.

Influencers: Influencers are already present on Instagram with a good no. of followers. They can advertise the product from their profile. It is the best form for word-of-mouth strategy. If the audience, you are targeting is following the influencers there is a huge chance for getting success.

Boosted Posts: Boosted Posts contain the organic content which is existing on the Instagram page already. It does not require designing new content. Boosted posts thus, show the same information that is present at the Instagram page to the huge audience as it appears as sponsored post among the feed of people who are not following you. It is best in order to increase the engagement as well as creating user-generated content. With the help of user generated content, the ads effectiveness rises. The already existing posts can be boosted in the following two ways that are: Promoted Posts and Sponsored posts.

Newsfeed Ads: Newsfeed Ads is the Instagram’s common strategy of advertising. It displays the ad in newsfeed of the users. Newsfeed ads can include Single-Image Ads, Video Ads, Collection Ads and Carousel Ads.

Story Ads: Instagram advertising includes a unique as well as engaging form of advertising based on story ads. Story ads includes image or videos. Interactive content can be shared through these stories. The best part of story ads is that it can look and create a feeling which creates a seamless experience for the user.

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