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SEO trends in 2020: What do the experts predict?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process which optimizes the website for the purpose of getting organic traffic with the help of search engine result pages. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered to play an important role in online marketing strategy. It changes with the evolution of the marketing and the updates in Google’s algorithm. Below are the top predicted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends for 2020 by Best SEO Kochi.


Google plays a major role in providing a better, appropriate and valuable search options to users however Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketers consider it as a hurdle. In order to rank higher, companies need to provide appropriate content which is relevant and contains high quality content for the purpose of high ranking.


Structured data is another important thing for Search Engine Optimization. It helps in providing specific information to Google about the content which increases the chances of being followed by the consumers. It helps in better positioning across the channels. By leveraging structured data, the analytics can be enhanced and it can be found which content leads to results and then this information could be used for content strategy, features of the product, and the marketing strategy.

SEo Company In Kochi


E-A-T, meaning Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness, is considered as an important term which is expected to be more important in 2020 than 2019. E-A-T is the Google’s way of protecting searchers from the content which is of low quality. Both the quantity as well as the quality of the content that is produced are incredibly important and should be consistent.


Featured and rich snippets results are expected to be considered as the major goal for the Search Engine Optimization in 2020. Rich snippet results in enough proof of trustworthiness as well as authority. Featured snippet helps in boosting the organic traffic.


Voice search supremacy has started but it has not yet reached its maximum level. It is expected to grow in 2020 by 50%. However, there are some challenges associated with the voice search as it is not known that what will work and what will not. Voice search is expected to become quite prominent in 2020 in Google Voice Search as well as other voice-based platforms.

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Video Content is an important trend to be used in the strategy of Search Engine Optimization. Video has about 50% more chances of showing up at the initial page of the SERP instead of website that is based on plain text. There can be variety of things included in the video such as question, answer, storyline, situation and many more things that could be helpful in creating a link with the audience. The video can be on the website or YouTube. In order to make the video more understandable by the search engines it is better to include a transcript with the video.


Without technical compliance the content remains limited in results. Google seeks error free, and fast loading websites that have no technical issue and thus provide a great experience to its users. Therefore, companies need to work on their technical compliance and assess their websites on continuous basis in order to avoid any error or other issue such as loading problem. It is expected to have JavaScript frameworks, PWAs and automation of Search Engine Optimization’s for huge websites. Technical Search Engine Optimization means optimizing the website’s infrastructure with no relation to the website content or promotions. Technical Search Engine Optimization practices can help in getting your website with a rank to generate far more revenues. It includes various elements: Setting a Preferred Domain, Navigation and Site Structure, SSL and HTTPS, Website Speed, CDN Optimization, Optimize Your URL Structure, HTML optimization, Mobile Friendliness, Structured Data Markup, Robots.txt, Breadcrumbs, Canonical URLs, Optimize 404 Page, XML Sitemap Optimization, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Pagination and Multilingual Websites.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained importance in the past few years. There are rapid advancements observed in it which impacts the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It has become essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketers to use the behavioral analytics based on the Artificial Intelligence for getting insights about the intentions of the user and for using automation to perform daily tasks of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence is being implemented by Google which helps to determine rankings. It helps in tracking user experience.


People have started to browse and shop more on their mobile phones now. All social media apps are easily used through the mobile devices. It is very important to now have websites that can be easily used on the mobile devices meaning they must be mobile friendly and optimized. There are more chances that the user will be using the website on his/her mobile rather than computer or laptops. SEOs must focus on mobile search results in order to understand what they need to do; how much traffic can be there and how to best optimize to effect bottom line.

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